Apple Maps EV routing now rolling out to F-150 Lightning trucks

Last month, Ford began notifying dealers that it planned to add Apple Maps EV routing to the F-150 Lightning before the end of the year. That rollout has now commenced, with the first wave of lucky F-150 Lightning drivers now able to tap into Apple Maps for their EV routing needs.

As first pointed out by Jace Miller on Threads, Ford appears to have added support for Apple Maps EV routing with the PowerUp 6.3.0 firmware update for the F-150 Lightning. Once this update has been installed, drivers can head to Apple Maps to begin the EV routing setup process.

During the setup process, Apple Maps prompts F-150 Lightning drivers to connect their iPhone to their truck to share battery information. Once this process has been completed, Apple Maps tracks the truck’s charge level and provides detailed navigation directions for road trips.

This includes things like planning charging stops, with details on how long you’ll have to charge at each stop. It will also show you your estimated charge upon arrival at your destination.

Apple Maps EV routing first debuted for the Ford Mustang Mach-E in March 2022. A few months ago, the feature expanded to its second car, the Porsche Taycan.

Apple Maps takes multiple variables into account to determine when and how often you need to charge. This includes thing charger availability, their charging rate, terrain elevations, your speed, and more.

In iOS 17 this year, Apple Maps is also adding real-time EV charging availability information for EV drivers. With this feature, you’ll be able to see the number of total stalls available at a specific charging station and how many of those are currently occupied.

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