Tesla Cyberquad for kids launches in Europe after being too dangerous for Americans

The Tesla Cyberquad ATV for kids has launched in Europe after being deemed too dangerous for Americans.

In lieu of the actual Cyberquad, which is expected to be a full-scale electric ATV that is going to be an option with the Cybertruck, Tesla launched the Cyberquad for Kids in partnership with Radio Flyer last year. It is equipped with a small 500-watt electric motor and 288 Wh battery pack capable of a top speed of 16 km/h (10 mph) and a few miles of range. It’s basically a small working replica of the Cyberquad as a toy vehicle.

Tesla quickly sold out of the 5,000 units from the first batch, which were sold for $1,900 each. There was no second batch because the product was pulled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission last year.

As we reported, the reason for the recall was quite ridiculous. The regulators investigated after a complaint from a 36-year-old who got a bruise after falling while riding the children’s toy. After the 36-year-old filed a complaint because they got a bruise from using a toy vehicle meant for a child, regulators decided to pull the product because the “mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure” didn’t match the requirements for a child’s toy.

While regulators think that the product is too dangerous for Americans, Tesla has been launching it in other markets. Earlier this year, Tesla launched the Cyberquad for Kids in China, and now the automaker has announced that it is coming to Europe:

Where’s your freedom now, America?

While the Cyberquad for Kids is making its way around the world, there’s not much new information about the real Cyberquad electric ATV. Hopefully, it is still in the plans. Recently, Tesla reapplied for a trademark on the name.