Tesla announces Cybertruck deliveries in November, claims 125,000 production capacity

Tesla has announced that Cybertruck deliveries will start in November and weirdly claims to have already deployed production capacity for 125,000 trucks per year.

Today, Tesla released its Q3 2023 financial results and as expected, there was an update about Cybertruck in there.

In the quarterly presentation, Tesla mentioned that “pilot production” of the Cybertruck has begun:

At Gigafactory Texas, we began pilot production of the Cybertruck, which remains on track for initial deliveries this year.

While that doesn’t include any new information, in the photo section of the presentation, Tesla added a comment confirming that “deliveries will begin in November 2023”:

The previous official comment from CEO Elon Musk was that Tesla was aiming for the end of Q3, which ended last month.

Interestingly, Tesla also updated its “installed annual vehicle capacity” and added capacity for the Cybertruck for the first time:

Surprisingly, Tesla already claims a capacity of “over 125,000 Cybertrucks” at Gigafactory Texas.

Electrek’s Take

Those capacities always seemed to be quite aspirational, and that seems to confirm it.

I assume that it means that Tesla has built the current production lines for 125,000 units per year, but it is not the current output that the automaker is achieving.

It will take some time for Tesla to ramp up to that.

One of the most upvoted questions by shareholders for the upcoming conference call with management is the planned production of Cybertruck for 2024. Hopefully, we will get some clarity soon.