Smart introduces LFP-powered ‘Pro’ model of its #1 compact crossover, priced under $40,000

Following the launch of its all-electric compact crossover called the #1, smart has introduced a new lower priced base model called the “Pro.” By switching to LFP batteries, the #1 Pro offers lower range than its trim siblings, but at a more affordable price for consumers.

Germany’s Smart Automobile Co., Ltd. was founded in the ‘90s and has made a reputation for itself thanks compact cars designed specically for crowded urban centers. These days, the marque operates under parent company Mercedes-Benz AG.

In 2019, smart’s parent company announced a joint venture with Geely Holding Group to produce smart badged cars in China as well. That same year, smart began a drastic transition to electrification by dropping combustion engines for electric powertrains only.

In February of 2022, smart unveiled its #1 compact crossover SUV as its true emergence as an all electric brand. Although smart ceased selling its models in North America in 2019, we’ve seen the #1 emerge in Europe, beginning with four separate trims ranging in price.

Now, smart has announced a more affordable base model of the compact crossover that utilizes LFP batteries – perfect for consumers who don’t need to drive as far and want to save some cash. Check it out.

Smart #1 Pro offers power price for less range

Today, smart introduced the #1 Pro – the most affordable version of its latest EV to date. Contrary to its previous trims housing 66 kWh nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) batteries, the #1 Pro features a smaller 49 kWh battery pack, equipped with lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells.

By using more affordable batteries, smart has been able to lower the price of the #1 Pro by 5,000 euros ($5,265) compared to the #1 Pro+ – the previous base model. Starting at an MSRP of 37,490 euros (~$39,475) the #1 Pro saves consumers money, but at the cost of some range.

The new version’s WLTP range is about 300 km (186 miles), down from 400-440 km (249-273 miles) its existing trims are currently offering with the larger packs. Per smart Europe CEO Dirk Adelmann:

We are more than happy to be able to live up to the expectations of urban drivers, who focus more on practical things like a good body to space ratio, and for whom a range of around 300 Kilometers is absolutely sufficient. The #1 Pro is a car for environmentally conscious city dwellers and commuters who can’t do without the premium quality and all-electric approach of the #1. At smart, the needs of users are always at the center of our considerations. The Pro line comes with a package that caters for all the requirements of contemporary drivers, and at a great value for money ratio.

Looking ahead, smart says the new #1 Pro will initially launched in Europe this fall, beginning with Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. From there the new LFP-powered crossover will gradually launch in the other European smart markets by the spring of 2024.