BMW begins production of its lowest-cost electric motorcycle yet

After recently unveiling a production version of the BMW CE 02, the company has now begun production of the commuter electric motorcycle.

BMW Motorrad launched the BMW CE 02 earlier this summer, presenting it as a smaller and lower-power alternative to its CE 04 electric motorbike.

Compared to the higher price tag of around US $12,000, the CE 02 is priced at just US $7,599.

Now BMW has begun production of the CE 02 in partnership with TVS Motor Company, as reported by RideApart.

TVS Motor Company is a prominent player in the global two-wheeler industry. Originating in India in 1978, the company has since established a considerable footprint across the globe where it is known for a wide range of motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds.

The CE 02 is being produced at TVS’s Hosur manufacturing facility near Chennai, though has yet to be slated for release in the Indian market. Instead, it is first set for an international launch across Europe and North America.

The compact electric motorcycle is BMW’s attempt to draw in a younger and more urban audience. The bike features a top speed of 59 mph (95 km/h), which means that it should be sufficiently fast for nearly any urban or suburban area but not quite potent enough for highway use.

It is expected to come with a wide range of accessories for customization, also appealing to a younger audience. One accessory often seen in concept images included a removable skateboard strapped under the motorcycle and forming foot platforms on either side. It could theoretically be used to travel to and from the motorcycle when parking some distance away from a rider’s destination, such as in city centers that don’t allow motorized vehicles.

Similarly to the recently released urban electric motorcycles from Kawasaki, the BMW CE 02 uses a pair of small removable batteries. Those batteries have capacities of just under 2 kWh each, for a total of 3.92 kWh. Together they offer the bike a maximum range of 56 miles (90 km).

The CE 02 is fairly powerful for a smaller commuter bike, outfitted with an 11 kW peak-rated motor, meaning that the real-world range is likely to drop significantly below the stated max of 56 miles when traveling at higher speeds or using the higher-power riding mode.

The production news comes after BMW Motorrad issued a stop sale notice for all of its gasoline-powered motorcycles in North America last month, likely due to an emissions issue, before removing the notice this month. During the stop sale, BMW Motorrad was left with just a single model for sale, the electric CE 04.