Tesla makes all Superchargers in Israel free amid terror attacks

Tesla is making all Superchargers in Israel free to use to facilitate travel amid terror attacks in the country.

Since this weekend, Israel has been dealing with an offensive from Hamas. Assailants managed to infiltrate the border and have been conducting coordinated terror attacks on civilians across the country, along with missile strikes in densely populated areas.

The most recent death tolls report over 1,200 lives lost on the Israeli side, and Gaza is reporting 900 people being killed in counter-attacks by Israeli forces – with many more injured on both sides.

Tesla announced today that it is making all of its 22 Supercharger stations in Israel free to use amid the escalation of violence.

In the past, Tesla has taken this approach in areas where Tesla owners are likely to want to move rapidly to avoid dangerous areas.

For example, it has often activated free Supercharging in areas about to be hit by natural disasters, like ahead of hurricanes in Florida and the California wildfires, and in conflict areas, like during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The idea is to remove something to think about amid stressful times.

A Supercharging session is not super costly, and it is doubtful that Tesla owners, even amid a disaster or conflict, would be unable to afford it, but it’s at least a show of support from Tesla.

In the past, Tesla did something a bit more useful by enabling longer range in vehicles with software-locked battery packs in similar circumstances.

That move had a more significant impact since it could literally facilitate travel for Tesla owners trying to escape dangerous areas, but Tesla has since moved away from its strategy to sell vehicles with software-locked battery packs – making the initiative less useful.

In fact, likely no Tesla owner in Israel has a car with a software-locked battery pack.