Toyota teases new compact electric SUV in latest video

Toyota is giving us a look at its new compact electric SUV in a recent teaser video. The Japanese automaker hopes a smaller bZ compact SUV can help close the gap as global EV sales heat up.

It’s no secret Toyota is one of (if not the) biggest laggards in the EV industry. Electric vehicles accounted for less than 1% of Toyota’s 5.8 million total car sales through July.

Toyota struggled with the rollout of its first all-electric vehicle, the bZ4X, but believes its next-gen models will help level the playing field.

After unveiling a series of new innovations over the past several months to help boost EV production, improve vehicle efficiency, and cut costs, Toyota is teasing its next-gen electric model.

Last November, Toyota revealed the bZ compact SUV, slated to sit below the bZ4X. “We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the Beyond Zero moniker,” David Christ, Toyota’s vice president and GM, explained.

Toyota claims the new compact electric SUV is designed as a fully electric vehicle “using a clean-vital design approach.”

Christ says the bZ compact SUV concept includes an aerodynamic design and intuitive tech features “never before seen in Toyota model.”

He teased last year, “The bZ Concept showcases another possible vision of the very near future.” Toyota is giving us a sneak peek of what that may look like in its latest video teaser.

Toyota teases new electric SUV (Source: Toyota)

Toyota teases new electric SUV

You will first notice the full-length LED light bar that runs across the rear, connecting the taillights.

Once zoomed in, you can clearly see “Z Compact SUV” on the license plate. The camera zooms in on a “BEV” badge next to a blue circle. This blue circle was also shown on the prototype last November.

Toyota’s tagline translates to “This badge from the Prius conveys the message that we value the happiness of people living on earth and want to pass it on to the next generation.” Let’s hope Toyota’s next-gen models can help with that.

The new Toyota compact electric SUV hints at a futuristic look with an aggressive wheel stance, short overhangs, and sweepback angles.

The inside is focused on minimalism and connectivity with an “in-car agent” named “Yui” that can connect passengers to the vehicle.

Toyota has yet to reveal powertrain details but is vowing its next-gen EV models will be more efficient with advanced batteries offering nearly 500 miles range by 2026.

Powered by a 71.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, the current bZ4X offers up to 252 EPA miles range, starting at $42,000.