Tesla Cybertruck spotted with colorful wrap – is Tesla going to offer wraps?

A new Tesla Cybertruck release candidate was spotted with a new colorful digital camouflage wrap.

Do you think Tesla will offer factory/service wraps for the Cybertruck?

Tesla has rarely used camouflage or wraps on prototype vehicles, but as of late, it has been using wraps on the Cybertruck more frequently.

Many electric pickup trucks were spotted with camouflage wraps and lately, we have also seen a few Cybertrucks with wraps to make them look like other pickup trucks, like the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra.

Now a Tesla Cybertruck with a new colorful wrap was spotted in the wild today:

It’s probably the most colorful Cybertruck we have seen to date and a big contrast to the usual stainless steel look.

The Cybertruck won’t be able to be painted, and therefore, the only way to make it look different will be with wraps.

It’s unclear if Tesla will offer factory wraps or let third parties take over the market.

Some have speculated that Tesla might be testing wrapping the Cybertruck with those wraps spotted in the wild rather than being an attempt to camouflage them before the official launch since the vehicle has been seen unwrapped or uncamouflaged several times.

I’m interested to know if you think it’s more likely than not that Tesla will offer its own wraps for Cybertrucks:

Either way, we should know soon as Tesla is expected to launch the Cybertruck at a delivery event that could happen in the coming weeks.