Tesla driver dies in fatal shooting at Supercharger station after ‘argument over charger’

A Tesla driver died in a fatal shooting at a Supercharger station in Denver, Colorado, over a dispute regarding charging their electric vehicles, according to the police.

The incident happened this morning at a Tesla Supercharger station outside of the Edgewater Public Market.

Local news outlet Denver7 reported that the police confirmed a man died following a shooting at the charging station:

Edgewater police say the shooting started as a fight between two Tesla drivers at the charging station in the 5500 block of W 20th Avenue, in the market’s parking lot.

According to the police, the shooting started following “an argument over one of the chargers.”

All details are not available yet, but a man, believed to be one of the two Tesla drivers involved, was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead. The man who pulled the trigger reportedly left the scene before calling emergency services.

Electrek’s Take

Images from the scene show that the Supercharger station appeared to be full, with all stalls in use. Therefore, it’s possible that the fight started over who was going to be next to charge, but it’s still unclear.

Obviously, this probably says more about gun violence in the US than about Supercharger station etiquette, but it still could be a factor here.

I won’t comment further without more details, but for those unfamiliar with the situation where a charging station is full, which is fairly rare, drivers generally line up to get the next available charger.

The issue might have stemmed from this, but again, we don’t have all the details yet.

Some have previously discussed the possibility of Tesla introducing an automated queuing system when a Supercharger is full, but again, without more details, it wouldn’t be fair to say that it could have helped in this situation yet.

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