Twitter gives gold tick to fake Disney account

Twitter has mistakenly verified an explicit, fake account claiming to be linked to Disney.

The account, which has the handle @DisneyJuniorUK, was spotted with a gold verification tick on Monday, before it was later suspended by Twitter.

“No f****** way,” the account tweeted after realising it had been assigned a gold tick.

The fake Disney account was later suspended by Twitter

Twitter’s press office auto-responded with a poo emoji when contacted by Sky News for comment on the mistake.

The error comes just days after the social media giant removed blue and gold ticks from verified accounts and organisations as part of a new policy from boss Elon Musk, who wants users to pay a subscription service for their accounts to be verified.

However, in a U-turn from Twitter, some celebrity accounts had their blue ticks reinstalled over the weekend without having to pay, with reports suggesting accounts with a million or more followers had their ticks restored.

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