Tesla (TSLA) slashes prices across all its electric vehicles again

Tesla (TSLA) has implemented a new wave of price reductions across its entire lineup of electric vehicles.

Prices on some models are down by as much as $5,000 overnight.

After consistently and gradually increasing its electric vehicle prices over the last two years, Tesla has started bringing those prices down in 2023 to keep demand up.

It started with a big price drop in early January, and then some smaller price adjustments after with the latest coming in February for Model 3 and Model Y, and last month for Model S and Model X.

Now Tesla has implemented a new wave of price cuts, and it’s affecting every vehicle in the lineup.

Tesla Model 3 prices

Model 3 is seeing its base price come down from $42,990 to $41,990:

The base Model 3 is expected to use part of its $7,500 federal tax credit this month because it uses LFP battery cells from China.

The Model 3 Performance is also seeing its price go down by $1,000 to $52,990.

Tesla Model Y prices

The biggest difference in Model Y prices is the inclusion of the Model Y AWD in the configurator. The previously only “off-the-menu” item now starts at $49,990 in the online design studio:

As for the Model Y Long Range, it saw its price go from $54,990 to now $52,990 – making it one of the best deals ever.

The Model Y Performance also received a $2,000 price drop to now $56,990.

Tesla Model S prices

Model S and Model X have received the biggest overall price drops since the beginning of the year, and those prices drops are now continuing.

Tesla updated the Model S configurator to now start at just $84,990:

That’s down $5,000 from $89,990 yesterday and down $20,000 from $105,000, which was the price last year.

Even the Model S Plaid, a bona fide supercar, is now getting its price reduced to just $104,990 when it was selling for over $130,000 last year.

Tesla Model X prices

Like Model S, Model X has been seeing its price drop drastically over the last few months.

The electric SUV now starts at $94,990 – down $5,000 today:

The same goes for the Model X Plaid, which still sells for the same price as the Model S Plaid but is also down $5,000 at $104,990.

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