Tom Daley’s husband reveals he suffered ‘serious head injury’

The husband of OIympic gold medallist Tom Daley has revealed he recently suffered a “serious head injury” and was advised to “shut off my brain” in order to recover.

Dustin Lance Black, a US screenwriter, said it had been a “challenging, frightening time” but he was on the “long road back” to being well.

Black said in an Instagram post that he and Daley, who won a gold medal for diving at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, had taken a trip to Greece to rehabilitate.

The 48-year-old did not reveal how he suffered the head injury.

“A month ago, I sustained a serious head injury that put me out of commission,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Showing little improvement, my doctors ordered me to shut off my brain in hopes of it healing. This has been a challenging, frightening time for a creative type who depends on what’s in his skull to work, care and love.

“And now I understand the road back will be long. But this week my sweet, over the top husband took us to the Greek Islands to make me shut off.

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“I can already feel this trip is a step in the right direction, and I finally feel safe sharing a bit again.

“Thank you for all of your love and patience. More to come. Promise.”

Black and Daley, 28, have been married for five years and are bringing up a son.

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