Chairs thrown as scuffles break out at Kenya election count centre

Scuffles have broken out at a main presidential election count centre in Kenya as officials prepared to announce the results.

Chairs were thrown, bottles were smashed and a lectern was knocked over as chaos erupted in the hall in Nairobi.

Diplomats and international observers were whisked out as supporters of deputy president William Ruto
and opposition leader Raila Odinga clashed with police.

The planned announcement of the election results descended into chaotic scenes after the deputy chairperson of the election commission and three other commissioners disowned the results.

Two commissioners and the chief executive of the commission were injured in the scuffles and are receiving treatment.

Sky News’ correspondent Yousra Ekhagir witnessed the disruption take place.

“Fighting broke out when members of former prime minister and frontrunner Raila Odinga’s party flipped a table and starting flipping over chairs and contesting the results of the election.

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“Now, his opponent and current deputy president William Ruto has arrived and an eerie calm has come over the centre.

“People are clapping now, they have just welcomed him in, but it’s very strange, and it’s very awkward to feel that people are acting like what just happened didn’t happen.”

People have been waiting at the centre for hours after several delays to the election result being announced.

“We have no idea when an actual outcome will be announced and whether it will be accepted by people here,” Yousra added.

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